Distributor Manufacturer           Importer Food Service
Eve Sales Corp.
Jamaica Joe's Jerk Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Scotch Bonnet Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Red Hot Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Hot Mustard Sauce
Distributor Manufacturer           Importer Food Service
Eve Sales Corp.
Product:  Blue Mountain Country     5oz Hot Sauces Notes: Cooyah Carnival Hot Sauce,      Cooyah Jamaican Hot Pepper Sauce,             Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce      Cooyah GREEN Scotch Bonnet Hot      Pepper Sauce.     
Product:  Island Vibes Nectars Notes:  Check out the four new flavors from Island Vibes!  Mango, June Plum, Guava, and Mango Papaya.
Product:  Seaside Boneless Salted Fish Notes:   Ready to Eat - Shelf Stable - Wild                   Caught - 1 Can of Salted Fish to 1                   Can of Ackees. NO MORE: Soaking - Boiling - Deboning     Stripping
Product:  Blue Mountain Country Jamaican Jerk Marinade Jerk BBQ Sauce Notes:  Check out the newest members of the Blue Mountain Country Family - your beef, pork, chicken, and seafood will never be the same!
Product:  New Matouk’s! Notes:  Check out Matouk’s Mango Jam and Curried Channa.  Matouk’s Tomato Ketchup is also now available in convenient 10oz bottles.
Product:  Vineyards Ackees, Browning, and Callaloo. Notes:  Eve Sales is proud to partner with Vineyards to bring you some great new items.  In particular, check out Vineyards browning in restaurant / food service sizing.
Product:  True Brew Instant Coffee Notes:   Brought to you by the makers of Jablum, True Brew Coffee is a rich and delicious instant coffee made with the highest quality coffee beans from Jamaica and a proprietary blend of coffees from across the Caribbean.  
Product:  Home Choice Jamaican                               Ginger Extract Notes:  Great in teas, juices, sauces,        marinades, baking & cooking,        and much more!  Try some       of Home Choice’s Ginger Extract       today!
Product:  Carita Teas Notes:  Fantastic ingredients make                  fantastic teas.  Try a cup of       Carita’s today. 
Product:  LASCO Products Notes:  Featuring drinks, sauces, vegetables, etc...
Product:  Carita Soups Notes: Classic Jamaican soups from one of Jamaica’s classic brands: Carita.
Product:  Oats Porridge Mix Notes:  LASCO is proud to bring you three great tasting porridge flavors!  Enjoy plain, banana, cinnamon.   
Product:  LASCO Irish Moss Notes:  Great tasting Irish Moss Drinks from LASCO!  Now available in vanilla.