Distributor Manufacturer           Importer Food Service
Eve Sales Corp.
Jamaica Joe's Jerk Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Scotch Bonnet Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Red Hot Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Hot Mustard Sauce
Distributor Manufacturer           Importer Food Service
Eve Sales Corp.
Product: Matouk’s Trinidad Hot Sauce Notes: With just the right amount of heat, sweetness, and flavor, Matouk’s Trinidad Hot Sauce will perfectly compliment your finist Caribbean dishes.
Product: St. Mary’s Breadfruit Chips Notes: Delicious, Caribbean Breadfruit chips. Lightly salted.
Product: Blue Mountain Country Browing Notes: Authentically Jamaican browning from your favorite brand, Blue Mountain Country. Bring home true Caribbean flavor.
Product: Blue Mountain Country Oxtail Seasoning (Liquid) Notes: Perfectly blended spices, flavorful peppers, and delicious mangoes make up this fantastic, new Oxtail Seasoning from Blue Mountain Country.
Product: Home Choice Lime Ginger Extract Notes: Home Choice’s fantastic Ginger Extract has a brand new kick - Lime! Add to your favorite drinks and dishes.
Product: Triple Crown Laundry Blue Notes: Triple Crown Blue is the best and safest way to keep white fabrics sparkling, clean, and bright. Triple Crown Blue can be used in hot or cold water and does not contain dyes or bleach.
Product: Irish Moss Notes: Eve Sales is proud to offer Irish Sea Moss from Nha Trang Bay in Vietnam, an MPA (marine protected area) and one of the world’s most beautiful and pristine bays. Once harvested, our sea moss is sun-dried before being carefully sealed to maintain quality and freshness. Available in 50Lb bags.
Product: Big Bamboo Strawberry + Coffee Notes: We are excited to announce two new flavors in the big bamboo lineup: strawberry and coffee. Give them both a try today!
Product: Home Choice Soups Notes: Home Choice, your favorite brand for premium Caribbean cuisine, is proud to bring you a new line of delicious, authentically Jamaican Soups.