Distributor Manufacturer           Importer Food Service
Eve Sales Corp.
Jamaica Joe's Jerk Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Scotch Bonnet Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Red Hot Sauce, Jamaica Joe's Hot Mustard Sauce
Distributor Manufacturer           Importer Food Service
Eve Sales Corp.
Product: Maya Mike’s All- Purpose Sauce Notes:  Maya Mike’s new Belizean Barbacoa is an incredibly versatile condiment that perfectly balances heat and flavor.
Product: Matouk’s Trinidad Hot Sauce Notes:  With just the right amount of heat, sweetness, and flavor, Matouk’s Trinidad Hot Sauce will perfectly compliment your finist Caribbean dishes.  
Product: St. Mary’s Breadfruit Chips Notes:  Delicious, Caribbean Breadfruit chips.  Lightly salted. 
Product: Blue Mountain Country Browing Notes:  Authentically Jamaican browning  from your favorite brand, Blue Mountain Country.  Bring home true Caribbean flavor.    
Product: Island Vibes Ginger Lemonade Notes:  A welcome addition to the Island Vibes Family, Island Vibes Ginger Lemonade will delight your tastebuds with its delicious twist on lemonade.     
Product: Blue Mountain Country              Oxtail Seasoning (Liquid) Notes:   Perfectly blended spices, flavorful peppers, and delicious mangoes make up this fantastic, new Oxtail Seasoning from Blue Mountain Country.      
Product:  Kendel Instant Teas Notes:   Kendel Teas:  A Cup Above the Rest.  Try a cup today!    
Product:  Refresh Soaps Notes:   Enriched with Palm Oil, get the freshest clean with Refresh Soaps.  
Product:  Bmber Laundry Soap Notes:   Bomber Cleans Best.  Bomber keeps whites white and colors bright.